Fire Watch Security


A fire watch is a specialized service aimed at providing professional services to the clients. The fire watch guards are specifically trained and are highly experienced in providing fire watch services to the clients that are looking forward to installing a fire protection system. The client might be willing to get the fire protection system because of having problems with their current fire alarm system.

It is advisable to hire a professional fire watch provider to install and monitor safety equipment as they have a lot of experience in the field and can advise the perfect security plan conducive to the needs of a client in the event of a fire.

Alarm response


Depending on where your operation is located, local authorities might require verifying an alarm before sending a police officer. Our security alarm response service verifies activity that triggers an alarm.

we have a team of trained alarm response security officers. When a security alarm goes off, we will immediately dispatch an officer to the area to confirm or deny a break-in has occurred.

We are standing by ready to respond 24/7.

Vehicle Patrols


For companies with several locations within a small radius, random security patrol might be right for you. The officer will travel from site to site in marked security vehicles. The rotating patrols serve as a crime deterrent.

This is the right solution for operations that do not have a history of crime and want to add a layer of intermittent protection. It is a cost-effective solution to ongoing mobile security patrols.

Standing guard


There is nothing simple about security, but accessing and implementing a standing guard security service into your business operations is, thanks to ASRA PROTECTION SERVICES. When you need someone watching over key areas of your business for long periods of time, you can hire and schedule security officers all in the same day using ASRA PROTECTION SERVICES. Experienced, professional security officers trained to monitor and identify possible threats act as the greatest deterrent to ensure those threats don’t escalate beyond that.

Special Event Security


ASRA PROTECTION SERVICES offer special event security services that can handle a public and private event of any size. When it comes to providing event security, we take pride in offering only the best. Our trained and licensed security guards are fully trained to handle all your security needs to make sure your events will run smoothly and securely from start to end.

We help to provide guests with a safe and enjoyable experience. To ensure safety and mitigate the risks, we appoint security professionals who contribute their ideas, effort and strategies for security planning and policy development process.

Construction Security


When everyone at your construction site goes home at the end of the day, our security personnel make sure that everything at your construction site is safe and there when you return. As a construction security company, we know what it takes to protect construction sites. Our security officers, leadership team and patrol tracking systems combine resulting in the best private security services.

We under the unique needs of the construction industry. In addition to being watchful for suspicious activity, we also watch for safety hazards. We consider safety and crime prevention to be of equal importance.